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Controversy over PTSD Rates

Landmark 1988 study that found a benchmark rate of 30.9% of Vietnam veterans with diagnosable stress disorder linked to war events and that 15.2% continued with disabling symptoms. The review of the previous study re-examined PTSD criteria and found a diagnosable rate of 18.7% and a 9.1%, respectively.
Dr. Bruce Dohrenwend, et. al., Journal of Science, August, 2006

Even at the one in ten rate, the more exposure soldiers had to combat, the higher the risk of PTSD. Note that 1,200 veterans were interviewed in the review study.

Severity of symptoms and pre-existing conditions were accounted in adjusting the rates of disability. Even at the lower rate, some 250,000 Vietnam veterans would be diagnosed with continuing severe disability. Both studies found that soldiers in non-combat roles were exposed to horrors, from shelling and ambushes to caring for the wounded, and very few exaggerated their experiences.

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Controversy over PTSD Rates

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