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Vision Healing the Wounds of War


Veterans and their families heal the wounds of war.

Mission Statement

Veterans Quest for Peace provides reconciliation, education, and support where veterans and family members attain emotional closure to trauma from military service.

Program Components

American Veterans Quest for Peace, a non-profit corporation that is non-political and has no religious affiliation is made up of four primary components:

1) Reconciliation trips to the country where service was experienced.

2) Family support services.

3) Community education about veteran’s experiences both during and after service.

4) Support cultural understanding and diversity through educational and humanitarian programs.

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Reconciliation Trips

Veterans and their family members are provided an opportunity to re-experience the country of service by returning to the location(s) where their emotional and physical wounds occurred. The tours are lead by facilitators experienced in veteran and family support services.  The facilitators provide each veteran and family member the opportunity to confront their military experience, find closure and heal.  Veterans are able to leave the country of past conflict with honor and self respect while family members gain understanding about the experience of combat as well as heal from their own wounds.

Participants join in humanitarian aid projects that provide food, medicines, school supplies, clothing, and health care to orphanages, rural villages, lepers, street shelters for children, homes for the elderly, and those handicapped by the effects of chemical or biological agents.  Humanitarian aid also includes the returning of service artifacts to veterans and family members.  By participating in these humanitarian projects, veterans and their family members are able to see the country and people as they are today; a culture, not a war zone.

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