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Vision Healing the Wounds of War

Family Support

Family members are invited to participate in the healing process.  They represent the closest emotional support network for the veteran as well as having their own wounds heal.  The program opens the door to family communication by discussion of the veteran’s in-country military experience.  This framework lays the foundation for further honest communication breaking barriers and walls that were erected initially during battle and reinforced during the years after war experience. These emotional barriers experienced by veterans and family members are broached in a way that makes sense to the veteran in supporting a sensitive healing process. Participation in this process provides support for family members who continue to struggle with the loss of their loved one in battle.  The participants gain greater understanding of themselves as well as others by being in a group comprised of multigenerational service people and family members.

Community Education

The unique plight of the service veteran and their families is discussed in public addresses and forums.  These exchanges take place in schools, veteran and community service organizations, and other public arenas.  Veterans and family members are given the opportunity to share their stories as part of the healing process.  Audio-visual and written resources are made available to the public.

Cultural Understanding and Diversity

The foundation will provide support resources to programs and organizations that provide and promote cultural understanding.  International youth leadership will be promoted for understanding issues related to conflicts, prejudice, and discrimination that affects the world community.   A framework for understanding the nature of peace can be formed by educating youth about the development of human relations and leadership skills vital to those who participate in a pluralistic society.