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Brothers in Arms

To my brothers in arms, named here on the wall
And to those fallen since, who also gave all
It’s been a long journey here of almost twenty seven years,
Of running from the hurt and running from the tears.
I tried to forget, but the pain was too great
I ran from the anger, the guilt and the hate
I went into the darkness looking for light,
But all I could hear were your screams in the night.
I tried many ways to numb the pain,
But to the same place I returned again and again.
To this place with you where it started so long ago,
In a far away country, a place we didn’t even know.
We were just boys, barely of age,
To feel so much terror and hate and rage.
They said it was about honor and country and right;
They taught us to kill, to burn and to fight.
Blindly we followed, blindly we killed,
Through the heat, the rain and all the blood spilled.
Then they said it was over, they said it was done,
But for most who came back, the battles raged on.
We came back to a country that seemed not to care,
That our hearts were all torn and ragged and bare.
What was the purpose, what was the gain,
For all the lives lost and all of this pain?
Maybe the answer lies here at this wall,
Where I come to you now in answer to your call.
So I stand before you with love in my heart.
It’s been a long journey here, but here I must start.
I open myself to your spirit within,
For I need all of your help to quiet the din.
Help me to live a life that you never had,
To learn to be joyous and happy and glad.
For it has come full circle now, and I sound the alarms
And I join with you in Love,

All my brothers in Arms.

Michael Broas