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Warrior writings

Oh Vietnam!

Dedicated to Vu Duc Anh

Smiling faces and friendly hellos is the
Vietnam I have come to know.

Bicycles and Honda’s carrying families
of three.  Busy, vibrant streets flow

Lush mountains and hillsides sprinkled
with flowers.  Rich red soil ready for
seeding.  Villagers hoeing, chopping and

Rice paddies and water buffalo working
the land.  The sing-song of life I have
come to understand.

Stopping at villages to share our love.
Teaching children about American toys.

Orphanages and schools in need of much help.
Caretakers and teachers with dedicated hearts.

And the food!  Tuna and shrimp with their
own special sauces stimulate the palate and
heighten our senses.

Colorful vegetables compliment rice dishes.
Pineapple, papaya and dragon fruit top off
our meals and leave us content.

The people, the sounds, the landscapes and
music enrich our lives like no other place.

Oh Vietnam!  Your beauty takes my breath
away.  Your people touch my soul.


Geneva Duarte
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