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Remembering Raymond

He was born in March of 1949, the middle child of a family of ten. 
Raised in poverty in the San Fernando Valley of California, he survived
the harshness of a community filled with gangs and drugs.
He had a generous heart despite his difficult surroundings.
Raymond’s strong faith and positive outlook embodied the pride of our
Mexican-American heritage.

Small in stature and strong of character, he symbolizes the sacrifices made
for our family and nation.
His complexion was olive brown and in the summer, it turned to a
reddish rich chocolate.
His demeanor reflected the warmth of the sun and the strength of the wind.

We went to high school together.  My memories of him unfold like the pages
of a photo album.

Then Vietnam called him.  He traveled to a land he never expected to see,
to fight in a war that seemed to have no purpose.
In just eight days, he was gone.
December 27, 1967 became etched in our minds forever.

As I stand in the space where he last walked, I feel his spirit calling me.
Thua Thien, Vietnam—a place I have been called to visit.
It is time for us to heal, to forgive and to bring our cultures together in mutual
understanding and love.

Raymond, we remember you.   We know that you are with us always.


Geneva Maria Escobedo
Recited in Vietnam on 2/25 /03