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Vietnamese Daughter


We met in Dalat--an exquisite place in the
Central Highlands of Vietnam known as “The Little Paris.”

We exchanged smiles.  A heartfelt connection was made
in just one day.

Our cultures are different, yet similar.  My Mexican values
mirror hers.  Love others, give of yourself, live authentically,
speak the truth.

Our souls were united.  A mother-daugher bond was formed.
We met for a reason.  In time it will be revealed.

Our quest for new knowledge and educating others links
us universally. 

Beautiful Nhien.  Though we are distant in miles, language, and
political beliefs, we share a journey of friendship, love, and mutual understanding.

She teaches me that family can be created anywhere and
continues throughout time.

My Vietnamese daughter remains in my thoughts, my prayers, and in my life, forever.



Geneva Maria Escobedo
July 15, 2006