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FREEDOM BIRD HOME by Mary Church (9-16-07)

In the empty seat on Flight 29,
Scheduled to arrive on time,
Others aboard would simply stare,
See empty space and a seat that’s bare.
But we who ride beside you know
That this seat is sanctified, aglow
With the spirits of those who fought and fell,
Who were dead but raised up from the pit of hell,
Whose sacrifice forever will atone
And earn them the Freedom Bird bound for home.


After the conference in Wheaton, I boarded Alaska Airlines Flight 29 to seek my reserved space in Row 28, Seat D.  I moved to my seat, near the back of the plane, sat down, and then began to watch the other passengers take their seats in front of me, behind me, and across the aisle.   I waited also for the one who would come and sit beside me, but that one never came.  Of all the seats on that airplane, only one place remained unoccupied, the seat beside mine.  But as the plane took off into the air, I sensed the spirit of many lost soldiers seated beside me, and I felt so privileged.