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My father is a WWII vet. I never before gave this any thought, even when looking at his old black and white crinkly edged photographs. And as a mother of a 17 year old son, am mortified at the thought of what it took for him to volunteer. I also never thought back to the fact that his own father, my grandfather, served in World War I. Their marriage and household was also broken apart. And still our whole family wonders,"What's wrong with dad?"

So much is clear about what had been a looming dark shadow that I couldn't make disappear 100%. Although I had longed to hand out the olive branch to what has been both a strained and abusive relationship, I have been hesitant for fear of outright hurting the man who once was a loving father. I now feel like I have the tools and understanding I need to approach him with compassion and understanding, which are two elements that were all but missing before I took your workshop.

Our Journey from the Valley of the Shadow of Death to the Holy Mountain Massive uncontrolled healing occurred at this workshop because within it our lives have been valued and affirmed, and called to further service on the path of true warriorhood. The Theosophical Society facilitated this healing by kindly allowing us the sacred holy ground to plow, plant, and grow new and renewed life. They allowed us to take the Hero's Journey together and emerge as matured warriors. Our lives and our wounds -both physical and soul wounds - were told and expressed, honored, and embraced.

Many of us, in a multitude of ways, were suffering when we arrived. Our souls bore the wounds of our lives. In biblical terms, we suffered from a "fever," an ailment that debilitates, disables, and attempts to kill its victim; an infection that alienates us from all of our positive relationships and reasons to stay alive. Throughout our time together we managed to accept the hand of the Luminous Other to raise us from our deathly fever to our new life, whether that hand was seen as the hand of Jesus, the Bodhisattva, the Elder Spirit, or simply another one of our own circle, our own lodge. Souls that had been rendered dark, emerged, showing light.

Men and women were able to begin to expel the alienating identity of PTSD, the identity of the killing fever, and to recover their own names, their own identities, their own souls. In doing so they were raised from a slow death to a realized life. Many of our complement had been walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death for decades on an endless patrol, unable to ascend to the Holy Mountain, a place of rest, light, and life. The workshop allowed us to walk out of the dark valley and embrace the light. And, depending upon where we are in our individual journeys, some of us can now walk back in and help carry out those whose souls are still too wounded to redeploy back home on their own.

Our current steps may still involve tears of both mourning and joy, and a limp or a tremor. We still feel pain. This is because wounded healers often make the best healers. Regardless of the shape of our physical frames, because of our Hero's Journey together, our steps now fall with integrity, meaning, and life. Massive uncontrolled healing occurred at this Workshop because our lives have been valued and affirmed. and called to further service on the path of true warriorhood. And, because of this healing, I offer all my thanks and praise to that which is Holy.

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